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Lara Pulver just talked to about the new season of Sherlock that is starting May 6th on PBS, and also how she made her American debut on the hit HBO show True Blood. Her role in True Blood was playing a fairy to Sookie Stackhouse named Claudine. Her role in Sherlock is a little bit different. She is a dominatrix named Irene Adler. So how did she get to be apart of the Sherlock show, and did they come to her to fill the role or did she want it?? Well here is her answer to that:

“It came about while I was doing a TV show back in the UK, calledSpooks.  I had just wrapped on it and they gave me the script for Sherlock, to have a little read on the plane.  I was reading it on the plane, and I literally wanted to turn the plane back around.  On the page, it was such a good script.  So, I arrived back in L.A. and put myself down on tape, reading the scenes, sent them over and they responded.  A few days later, I flew back to London to meet the producer and read with Benedict [Cumberbatch].  I got the job the next day, and started rehearsals a few days later.”

Of course she’s not a dominatrix in real life so we have to wonder what kind of research did she do before she started the show?

“I looked at a lot of websites.  Also, with just putting the whole look of her together, I very much voiced my opinion and collaborated with the designer.  We went around places in SoHo in London, and I was educated on gadgets and gizmos and whips and corsets, and everything like that.  We went in these little holes in SoHo and found this whole cavern for this sexual world.  It’s a whole control thing as well. In her job, she’s putting on these masks to fulfill people’s fantasies.  With Sherlock, he sees straight through those masks, as she does with him.  The mask is off, and that’s when the fun really starts.”

We have to know what it was like working on True Blood and did she ever imagine she would be able to add fairy dog mother to her resume?

“It was lovely to make my American TV debut on such a wonderful show.  I loved working with Anna [Paquin].  We formed a really lovely, close relationship on set.  But, I think they had this whole fairyland aspect to it that got to the point where they were either going to have to invest a full season in it, or they needed to wrap it up and move on from it.  The more they tried to invest in fairyland, the more they found it was limiting.  So, my experience on True Blood was short-lived, but it was a lovely introduction to being part of an American TV show.”

Was she familiar with the success of a show with that big of a fan following that it has?

“Yeah, it has a massive cult following.  Bless Anna because she goes to Comic-Con every year, on her birthday.  Her birthday is in July.  They have very loyal fans on that show.”

Now with a career that can come and go you have to wonder what she looks for and what is she deciding that she wants to do next?

“The writing.  If it’s a theater job, I’m happy to regenerate that, for eight shows a week.  If it’s not something I’m hugely passionate about, then I shouldn’t be doing it.  It’s the same thing with TV and film.  Sometimes it can just be the smallest thing, like wanting to portray something along that line or really wanting to work with a director, but if it’s not in the writing, it doesn’t matter who the director is.  It’s just not something that I would necessarily want to pursue.  So, it starts for me, first and foremost, on the page.”

There is a lot more to this interview and you can read it here.

Source: – “Lara Pulver Talks Season Two of Sherlock, Making her American TV Debut on True Blood, and more.”

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