Alexander Skarsgård: I am a romantic – I think it’s in the little things

True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard

Reason #342 to love Alexander Skarsgård: he’s a romantic. Alex may not always play the most romantic characters, but we did see a much softer side of his True Blood alter ego, Eric Northman, in season 4. And, in one of his recent films, Battleship, Alex’s character breaks into a shop to steal a burrito to impress a woman. But don’t expect Alex to follow suit:

“I’ve not broken the law – I hate to disappoint you. But I am a romantic – I think it’s in the little things.”

Alex is currently filming season 5 of True Blood and has joked that fans have definitely seen a lot of his naked derriere, but he’s completely comfortable with that reality:

“That’s the money shot! People get bored when they see my face…They don’t recognize my face; they recognize my ass.”

What kind of Eric do you think we’ll see in season 5, Truebies?

Source: Belfast Telegraph – Alexander Skarsgård: I’m romantic

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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