Carolyn Hennesy Talks to Wetpaint About True Blood Season 5

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Carolyn Hennesy (Roselyn Harris) recently did another interview, this time with the folks at Wetpaint. The actress is set to play a member of the Authority who hails from Texas. In this portion of the interview, she talks a little bit about how she caught up with True Blood, what her character is like, season 5 and working with Christopher Meloni (Roman)!

Prior to being cast on True Blood, Hennesy had roles on the ABC soap General Hospital and the sitcom Cougar Town. The actress admits that she hadn’t seen True Blood prior to casting so she caught up with the HBO series over the holidays, watching all 48 episodes in just 10 days! Now that’s what I call dedication! Of her character, Carolyn reveals that Roselyn has been in Texas for about 200 years but that she’s actually much older than that and has been with the authority for the long time. She’s also a dame who enjoys a good cigar and a roll in the hay!

As for what we’ll be seeing in True Blood’s 5th season with the Authority, Hennesy says that there has been a tremendous battle brewing between those vampires who are for mainstreaming and those like Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) who are not:

“There are two main factions really of the vampire society — the mainstreamers and the fanguenistas. And Russell Edgington — we know he falls or where he fell: “we are vampires we will eat you.”

The mainstreams, the Authority, sees the wisdom of assimilating with society. They outnumber us. They’ve made all these incredible strides in the last 2,000 years, not the least of which is creating drinkable blood, synthetic blood for vampires, well if they can do that, what else? What else can they do to help the vampire society?

And in order to be a part of that we have to assimilate and mainstream and let them know that we’re not really a danger. And that’s where the Authority is coming from.”

Carolyn also has nothing but nice things to say about Christopher Meloni who she’s worked with for the  past few months. She said he’s lovely to work with and very intense.  So exactly who is Roman in the Authority structure?

“He is the guardian. His name is Roman. He’s one of the heads of the Authority. He’s the one we look up to, and swoon over, and follow.”

While shooting True Blood has taken up the bulk of Hennsy’s time, she did tell Wet Paint that she will be back on Cougar Town this season and that she’s fine with Diane taking a backseat at General Hospital right now.

To read Wetpaint’s interview with Carolyn in its entirety click here. Stick with True Blood Fan Source because we’ll be posting the second part of this interview as soon as it’s available!

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