Updated: True Blood Season 5 Video Preview: Sookie and Alcide Have a Chat+ Extension

Alcide and Sookie

Update: Below, you’ll find the extra extended clip available on HBO GO!

The Waiting Sucks clips have returned Trubies! I have a brand spanking new True Blood season 5 video preview for you featuring Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Sookie (Anna Paquin)! The two characters have a chat. As to what it’s about, you’ll just have to watch:

Only 62 days left! What do you think of the preview? Tell me in the comments below!

Sources: YouTube.com– “True Blood Season 5: Waiting Sucks – Sookie/Alcide”
YouTube.com– “True Blood Season 5: Waiting Sucks – Sookie, Alcide, and Lafayette”

Video and Image Credits: HBO, Inc. and True Blood Source



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