Video: True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Drops Hint About Season 4 Finale

Joe Manganiello Good Day LA

Season 4 of True Blood brought us several new characters and has been one of the best yet.  It is so hard to believe we are already thinking about the season finale but sadly we only have two episodes left!  Joe Manganiello (Alcide Herveaux) spoke recently with ‘Good Day LA’ and he dropped a hint […]

True Blood’s Alexander Skarsgard to Star in ‘Disconnect’

Eric Northman

There seems to be a steady stream of casting news for True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) lately.  With three films set to hit theaters in the next year he has also been signing on for several more and we have another one to add to the list. has announced that Skarsgard will be appearing in the indie […]

Sookie Stackhouse Companion Book Hits Bookstores Tomorrow!

Sookie Stackhouse Companion

Fans of Charlaine Harris‘ Sookie Stackhouse novels have been anxiously awaiting the Sookie Stackhouse Companion book which was delayed due to the death of Harris’ mother.  The wait is over!  The hardcover book hits bookstores tomorrow and has some exciting features: Sookie gives readers a look at her family, friends, enemies, adventures and, of course, […]

Video: True Blood’s Deborah Ann Woll in ‘Seven Days In Utopia’

Seven Days in Utopia

Season 4 of True Blood has been a big one for Jessica Hamby, played by Deborah Ann Woll.  She is learning to come to terms with her vampire nature, broke up with her boyfriend Hoyt and moved on to his best friend Jason, all while dealing with a brewing battle between witches and vampires.  Woll has […]

True Blood’s Joe Manganiello To Strip Down For New Role

Alcide Herveaux and Sookie Stackhouse

The True Blood cast often shoots their scenes in various stages of undress and Joe Manganiello, who plays Alcide Herveaux, is generally seen shirtless at a minimum.  It looks like Manganiello will be stripping down for yet another role, this time playing a stripper by the name of – wait for it – Big Dick […]

True Blood Season 4 Video: Three Episodes Left/ Bon Temps Population Promo


Just before tonight’s episode, “Burning Down the House” aired, a True Blood Season 4 video promo for the last three episodes aired. It looks pretty intense! Check it out below: Source:– “True Blood Season 4: Bon Temps Population Promo” Image Credit: HBO, Inc. Video Credit: HBO, Inc/The True Blood Source Tweet

True Blood Season 4 Video: Burning Down the House Inside the Episode

Tara and Holly

In tonight’s episode of True Blood, we saw Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) get his memory back and reunite with Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten), Sookie (Anna Paquin) deal with the consequences of being in love with two men, and Marnie/Antonia (Fiona Shaw and Paola Turbay) definatively make a choice to go to war. In this edition […]

True Blood Season 4 Video: Burning Down the House Recap


Only two episodes of True Blood remain so it’s important to savor every moment as it comes. Burning Down the House was filled with non-stop action tonight. Missed something? Now’s the time to check out the True Blood season 4 video recap for the episode, which you can find below courtesy of HBO. Watch: Ep. […]

True Blood Season 4 Video: Episode 47 Soul of Fire Preview

Soul of Fire Group

There are just two episodes of True Blood left! The east coast airing just finished and now Truebies around the world are left to wonder, what could possibly happen next? To wet your appitites and gear you up for the end of the season, here’s a True Blood season 4 video preview of episode 47, […]

Jessica Tuck to Guest Star on Castle This Fall


True Blood may be winding down but we’ll still get to see cast members visit other shows. TV Line reported this morning that Jessica Tuck (Nan Flanagan) will be appearing on Castle this fall. Tuck will play a wealthy musuem benefactor who becomes a murder suspect in the course of the episode. This will be […]

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