Exclusive: David & Devine Discuss Their Music, True Blood and Mariana Klaveno


daviddevineAs we had previously reported to you here, indie pop duo David & Devine recently released their first EP and the music video for ‘Til The Sun Comes Up‘, which stars True Blood’s Mariana Klaveno (Lorena). We here at TrueBloodFanSource.com had the privilege of interviewing Candace Devine and we talked about how the duo got started, their love of True Blood and what a wonderful person Mariana is. Below is a recap of our chat with Candace.

1. Can you tell us how David & Devine got started?

Both were working as solo artists when a mutual friend encouraged them to write together since they had similar sounds and styles. Candace went to see Dave Yaden perform and liked what she heard. A couple of weeks later Dave checked her music out and the two decided to co-headline a set. At the time they had been writing songs together and ‘Leave The Light On’ was the first song they performed during their shows. The song was a big hit among the fans and helped them get signed as a duo by an independant label.

2. Why did you choose the mental institute concept for the ‘Til The Sun Comes Up’ video?

The song itself is a very bright pop-like song and Candace says that she and Dave felt like they needed a concept that was a little bit darker for contrast. The video’s director is also very talented when it  comes to visual effects so the journey the video takes through Mariana’s character’s mind is a result of that. However, Candace did also note that while they did have the mental institution concept down prior to shooting, the final product had been designed around Mariana once she became involved.

Because Mariana Klaveno is now very well known for playing Bill Compton’s (Stephen Moyer) on True Blood we just had to ask the following question.

3. Are you fans of True Blood?

Candace has been a fan of the show since season one and loves the world that creator Alan Ball and the cast and crew have managed to create. Dave followed soon after Mariana signed on for the video, quickly catching up on the show’s three seasons.

4. How did Mariana come to be involved in the video?

Candace came to know Mariana because she is friends with her brother Brock , who is the executive chef at Hollywood restaurant Yamashiro. Mariana heard the music of David and Devine and loved it so much she decided to attend one of their gigs. Candace says that after this gig, Mariana came up to them to say how much she liked the performance. When they mentioned that they would be doing a music video soon, she offered to be in it. Excited to have an established, talented , and very sweet actress in their video, David and Devine worked their existing concept around Mariana and her fantastic acting chops.

The duo had nothing but great things to say about Mariana. According to them, she was not only willing to try just about anything, like being strapped to a chair and dunked in water, but she also knew the name of every crew member, was the first one there and the last one to leave. She was a complete joy to work with. But more than anything else Candace couldn’t emphasize enough what a great actress Mariana is. She was able to bring such a light and happiness to her character from the beginning of the video that you couldn’t help but feel like you were watching a mini-movie. Candace herself played the doctor in the video who tries to get Mariana’s character to face reality. By contrast, when the audience finds out in the end that her character killed her husband, played throughout the video by Dave, the sadness comes across on screen quite clearly.

So now that they’ve had the opprotunity to work with an actress who is nothing short of fantastic, what’s next for David and Devine.

5. Now that you’ve released an EP, what’s next for David and Devine? A full length album perhaps?

Candace says that David and Devine have gigs that are coming up in Pennslyvania, Maryland, and New York next month. They will also be heading to London to perform in July. While in New York, they plan to do some recording as well. If there is enough time, they have considered doing a full length album. But they don’t want to take any energy from their live shows away, so another EP or an album is a definate possibility depending how the rest of the year goes.

Watch their video “Til the Sun Comes Up” Below!

David and Devine’s EP is  available on Amazon.com and iTunes now. It is a mix of rock and soul not to be missed! And check out their YouTube account as well. The duo recently did an amazing cover of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade.” You can also visit their website here.

We would like to sincerely thank Candace Devine of David and Devine for taking the time to speak with us. We would also like to thank Mandy Eckman of Discover Stars and agent for David and Devine for working with us and arranging this interview.

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Image Credit: David and Devine.com

Video Credit: You Tube.com– “Til the Sun Comes Up”


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