Video: True Blood’s Anna Paquin at Scream 4 Premiere


The cast of HBO‘s True Blood keeps busy during their hiatus from the show filming movies, television shows and other projects.  Anna Paquin who plays Sookie Stackhouse on the hit show filmed a cameo in the horror flick ‘Scream 4′.  Following in the footsteps of having big name actresses killed off during the beginning of the film, the fourth installment in the series appears to be no exception.  The film opened on Friday April 15th and Kristen Bell is seen in the same scene as Paquin. 

Paquin attended the Los Angeles premiere of the film and spoke to the LA Times about the movie.  In the video when the reporter jokes that Paquin must be an expert at acting terrified by now she replies that she’s done a lot of movies that involve blood and screaming but that its all acting and that none of it is real.  She does say that when people are chasing you or intimidating you it can be easier to react to because there is a physical presence to react to.  Paquin says that she likes the fact that she is coming into an established franchise that has been around for a long time.  She says that working on this film was an easy choice for her.  View the entire interview with her below.  Also below is the film’s trailer in which you get a glimpse of Paquin.

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Source: –   ‘Scream 4′ Premiere: Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts and Anna Paquin Discuss Being The Fresh Blood

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