True Blood Season 4: Waiting Sucks-Eric

Waiting Sucks Eric 

In early March, HBO began its countdown to True Blood’s fourth season by releasing a series of short clips in a series called Waiting Sucks. Each clip features a different character and shows a snippet of something the character is facing during the season with one new clip being released each week on Saturday nights. So far we’ve posted Waiting Sucks clips for Sam (Sam Trammell), Jason (Ryan Kwanten), Bill (Stephen Moyer), and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten). We also posted the sneak peak at season 4 that was shown at PaleyFest 2011.  But in the process, we neglected to put up the very first one featuring Eric (Alexander Skarsgård).

So without further ado here is Waiting Sucks: Eric. Why is Eric on a country road at night alone and why doesn’t he know who Sookie (Anna Paquin) is? Note that the clapboard in the clip denotes that this scene takes place in Season 4, episode 2. Watch:

Interesting clip isn’t it Truebies? For ease of navigation, I’ve added Waiting Sucks on the top menu so all of the season 4 video clips will come up all at once.

Stay tuned to TBFS for more waiting sucks clips and your latest True Blood news!

Source: YouTube– “Waiting Sucks: Eric”

(Image/Video Credits: HBO, Inc.)

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